Boxing jewelry is a great gift to yourself or someone who practise this sport. But, also a perfect gift for those who fight against a disease or are in a difficult situation. With this jewelry you say, don't give up, you are a champ!

The black wax cord is 45cm/ 17.5 inches long and can be extended to 50cm/19.5 inches


€ 16,95

Boxing jewelry is a motivating gift for yourself or someone else who practices or loves this sport. But it can also be symbolic for fighting against diseases or overcoming other difficult challenges . This steel boxing chain is 56cm/21.5 inches long. The robust pendant is 3cm/ 1 inch long.


€ 16,95

Motivate yourself with this impressive oneliner of the great Muhammad Ali.

The bracelet is soft and stretchy, so you can wear it all day.



€ 19,95