Wilma Rudolph was one of the most inspirational female sprinters in the world.

She became the model for this piece of running jewellery.

When Rudolph was five years old, she was diagnosed with polio. At the age of eleven she started to walk again after very intensive therapy. One year later she became an athlete.

The amazing part: Rudolph won three(!) GOLDEN medals at the Rome Olympics in 1960 #neverevergiveup

The sterling silver running girl is 3cm/ 1 inch and very light weight.


€ 54,95

The marathon is and remains a magical distance!

No matter how well you've trained and looked forward to it, you can always use some extra motivation.

Therefore, this pair of heart runners. One heart says 42.195 and the other I CAN I WILL.

Tip: you can also keep one heart and give the other one away!


€ 29,95

To all marathon runners outthere,

this unique heart was made especially for you!

You can wear it on your shoelace during training and your marathon.


€ 19,95

This sterling silver hockeystick is a great gift to someone who loves hockey.

It is especially made by our silversmith at Bali. The stick is lightweighted and 3cm long.


€ 34,95

This silver running shoe with the tiny heart reflects your passion, you love to run!


€ 19,95

If tennis is your sport, your passion, then this silver tennis ball is perfect for you.


€ 24,95