Are you looking for a swimming gift? We have all kinds of different swim jewellery, also for triathletes.

Moreover, swimming jewelry is a great gift if you want to say to someone: 'It will be okay, I believe in you. Keep your head above water.'

Are the Olympic Games your goal, your passion. Or, are you an Olympic athlete with unforgettable memories of the Games? Then this silver necklace is perfect for you. The chain is 45cm, including the Olympic rings (3.8 cm).

If you would like 49cm (including rings) or even longer, please let us know in the Comments section during the ordering process.

€ 99,95

This unique one-liner is now available on this sterling silver necklace.

This sportsjewelry is 42cm long.


€ 29,95

These are the colors of inspiration, motivation and participation!

If you want to get the absolute best out of yourself, then this bracelet is perfect for you.

Of course if you have Olympic aspirations or ever have participated at The Games, then this is for you!

The fabric feels soft, so you can wear it all day.

It always fits, because with the closure you can easily make it bigger and smaller.


€ 19,95

Are you a Paralympic athlete?

Or in training to become one?

Then this Paralympic necklace is perfect for you!

The silver necklace is 44cm long and can be extended to 48cm.

If you are looking for a shorter or longer chain, please mail us: Hello@sportjuwelier.nl

€ 99,95

Yes, be this girl! Swim like her!

The swimming girl and text are engraved in the silver colored pendant by hand.

The black waxcord is 45cm/ 17.5 inches long and can be extended to 50cm/ 19.5 inches.


€ 19,95

This motivational quote will give you the strength to achieve your goal.

To be your best you.

The gold plated sports necklace is also a perfect gift for someone else, when you want to say:

I believe in you.


€ 29,95

This bracelet is made of stretchable material, so you can it on your wrist, your ankle, your phone, bidon, bag.

Just where ever you want it and where ever it motivates you!


€ 9,95

This is one of our favorite sportsjewelry, the goggles necklace.

Great to hang around your neck when you are a passionate swimmer!

The necklace is 47-52cm/ 18.5-20 inches long and the goggles are just 3cm/ 1 inch.


€ 19,95

This is a great necklace for those who love to swim or are passionate about triathlon.

We have different colors, so leave us a note in the comments during your order and

we will provide you with your favorite color necklace.


€ 14,95

You love moving through the water, swimming is your passion.

This subtle pendant shows it!

It hangs from a black wax-cord which can be extended from 45 to 50cm/ 17.5 tot 19.5 inches.


€ 14,95