What do you owe to your coach?

You can let it know with this unique award! 

Also nice as a team present at the end of the season.

The necklace is a 47cm long waxcord and can be extended to 52 cm.


€ 19,95

What a great way to thank your coach, by giving them this BEST COACH award!

The text is stamped by hand onto the bracelet and the band itself is made of soft jersey.

Your coach can wear this present day and night!


€ 19,95

Who is your champion?

Your father, a training buddy, your son or daughter, your mother, your coach? The neighbour.

The team you coach? Or is it you?

Let them know with this heart.

Simply thread it into your shoelace.

€ 19,95

Awesome, these earrings in the shape of a rugby ball.

They are very light en move gentle when you walk or turn your head.


€ 9,95

Yes! Champions!

Give these great colorful bracelets to your teammates and celebrate your championship together!


€ 19,95