What a great way to thank your coach, by giving them this BEST COACH award!

The text is stamped by hand onto the bracelet and the band itself is made of soft jersey.

Your coach can wear this present day and night!


€ 19,95

This powerful quote will motivate you or make it a gift for someone, let's go!

The gold plated necklace is 42cm long.


€ 29,95

If rowing is your sport, this sportsjewelry is perfect for you.

This set of oars is hanging from a wax-cord which is 50cm/ 19.5 inches long.



€ 16,95

If rowing is your passion and you love the sound of water around you? This set of oars are great for you to wear. 

The silver colored necklace is 46cm/ 18.5 inches long.


€ 16,95