You must be someone who not only says you are going to do something, but does it.


To achieve that, to achieve your dream, you often have to dig deep.


Wear this bracelet as a reminder when you're having a tough time.

€ 6,95

When you need it, just carry this motivational heart with you.

I CAN I WILL, what is your dream? Go for it!


€ 19,95

Who is your champion?

Your father, a training buddy, your son or daughter, your mother, your coach? The neighbour.

The team you coach? Or is it you?

Let them know with this heart.

Simply thread it into your shoelace.

€ 19,95

Do you like to be outside? Hiking and climbing in the mountains, nature of by the sea? 

Then this outdoor bracelet is really something for you.

You can easily make it smaller and bigger.


€ 9,95

Is outdoor your passion, your life?

Then this green outdoor bracelet is great for you!

You can easily make the bracelet smaller and bigger!


€ 9,95