Looking for a fitness gift for yourself or someone else? We have halter necklaces, kettlebell pendants, dumbbell earrings and motivational jewellery in our range. For everyone who wants to get fit and stay fit, there is a sporty gift!

What a great way to thank your coach, by giving them this BEST COACH award!

The text is stamped by hand onto the bracelet and the band itself is made of soft jersey.

Your coach can wear this present day and night!


€ 24,95

This bracelet is made of stretchable material, so you can it on your wrist, your ankle, your phone, bidon, bag.

Just where ever you want it and where ever it motivates you!


€ 19,95

Be ready, be motivated and wear your passion. This gold-plated dumbbell is very subtle and yet so firm and tough.

The necklace is 42cm/ 16inches long.


€ 49,95

Strong in the new beautiful.

And you can show your passion with this subtle sterling silver dumbbell necklace!


€ 44,95

Be motivated, always.

With these dumbbell earrings you show your strength, your passion.


€ 19,95

When you need it, just carry this motivational heart with you.

I CAN I WILL, what is your dream? Go for it!


€ 19,95

This kettlebell is way lighter than the real one you train with!

But with this kettlebell necklace around your neck

you can show everybody what you do to stay fit and healthy. 


€ 24,95

With this kettlebell you show your strength and power!

This silver pendant is hanging from black wax-cord and is 45cm/17.5 inches long, which can be extented to 50cm/19.5 inches


€ 24,95

Who is your champion?

Your father, a training buddy, your son or daughter, your mother, your coach? The neighbour.

The team you coach? Or is it you?

Let them know with this heart.

Simply thread it into your shoelace.

€ 19,95

Is training your passion? Then this silver dumbbell on black wax cord is really something for you.

The dumbbell pendant is small and light.

The necklace is 40cm long, which makes this sports jewely fall nicely into your neck.


€ 29,95