What a great way to thank your coach, by giving this BEST COACH award!

The text is stamped by hand in the bracelet and the band itself is made of soft jersey.

So your coach can wear this present day and night!


€ 19,95

This is a great gift for a fieldhockey girl. 

The black waxcord is 45cm/ 17.5 inches long and be extended to 50cm/19.5 inches.


€ 16,95

This is a great necklace to wear when field hockey is your passion. 

The black waxcord is 45-50cm long/ 17.5-19.5 inches long.


€ 12,95

Are you a field hockey goalkeeper?

This necklace is a perfect matcht for you.

You can wear it off the field so everyone knows you are that tough goalkeeper.

The waxcord is 45cm/ 17.5 inches long and the solid helmet pendant is 2,5cm/0.8 inches


€ 16,95

Wear your passion. If hockey is your sports, this bracelet will fit you perfectly.

The strap is made of soft elastic fabric, so you can wear it all day.

During your training sessions and just casual.


€ 9,95

Are you passionate about hockey, this hockey jewelry is the perfect gift for you!

The silver colored necklace is 46cm/ 18 inches long and can be extended.

The hockeygirl pendant is 3cm/ 1 inch


€ 18,95

This necklace means so much more than just a piece of jewelry.

This silver hockeystick tells us about you, and your passion for fieldhockey.

Whether you finished your training, lost or won the game, yóu are that hockeyplayer.

You breath hockey, it’s running through your veins, it is you. That’s your life, that is your passion.

The hockeystick is 3 cm/ 1.1 inches long, the necklace is 45cm/ 18 inches long.


€ 29,95

These are the colors of inspiration, motivation and participation! If you want to get the absolute best out of yourself, then this bracelet is perfect for you. Of course also when you have Olympic aspirations or ever have participated at The Games.

The fabric feels soft, so you can wear it all day.

It always fits, because with the closure you can easily make it bigger and smaller.


€ 14,95

This sterling silver hockeystick is a great gift to someone who loves hockey. It is especially made by our silversmith at Bali. The stick is lightweighted and 3cm long.


€ 24,95

Yes! Champions!

Give these great colorful bracelets to your teammates and celebrate your championship together!


€ 19,95