This bracelet is made of stretchable material, so you can it on your wrist, your ankle, your phone, bidon, bag.

Just where ever you want it and where ever it motivates you!


€ 9,95

Be motivated, always.

With these dumbbell earrings you show your strength, your passion.


€ 14,95

Strong in the new beautiful.

And you can show that this is your passion with this subtle sterling silver dumbbel necklace.


€ 24,95

Be ready, be motivated and wear your passion. This gold-plated dumbbell is very subtle and yet so tough.

The necklace is 42cm long.


€ 32,95

This unique oneliner is now available on this streling silver necklace.

This sportsjewelry is 42cm long.


€ 24,95